Every Friday, ThinkAuthority publishes our flagship podcast TA'cast to discuss this week in ThinkAuthority headlines. Here’s what ThinkAuthority’s Nilay, Dieter, and Adi focus the episode on this week: Google’s mysterious lack of iOS app updates, the rumors around an Apple-made VR / AR headset, and the gadget headlines you may have missed.

This week, users of the iOS versions of Google’s apps were shown a prompt claiming the software was “out of date” and suggesting updates to the current versions due to security risks. However, Google had not updated their apps yet and haven’t for several weeks now. TA'cast crew discuss whether this is related to Apple’s new mandatory App Store privacy labels and what leverage Google might be trying to gain.

Also, it’s another week of rumored Apple products. Last week, the podcast dived into the much-rumored Apple Car and the potential manufacturers that would be teaming up with the tech company to make the vehicle. This week, they update which companies have downplayed these rumors, as well as what other much-rumored product Apple may be developing — a VR headset.

There’s a whole lot more discussed in this episode — like a glimpse of what Android 12 may look like, a laptop with seven screens, and a North Dakota bill that may force alternative app stores on the iPhone — so listen here or in your preferred podcast player for the full discussion.