ThinkAuthority (formerly known as QuickBit), a news/media company; is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2019 to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience.

ThinkAuthority explains the news.

We live in a world of too much information and too little context. Too much noise and too little insight. And so ThinkAuthority's journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics and policy, business and pop culture, food, science, and everything else that matters.

ThinkAuthority was founded by Himanshu Potlia (Hash) in 2019 and covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture.

Founded in January 2019, from day 1 of our journey; we focused completely on the latest gadgets and common problems faced by a non-techie. We're happy for serving users every month.

Connecting with ThinkAuthority is the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest NEWS/TECH happening around you. You will never miss anything once you get connected with us.

ThinkAuthority Mobile Applications

We are releasing the Android and iOS applications for ThinkAuthority. Using this app, you can view and read an article on our website, you can filter or search posts you need, and also interacting with our users by commenting on the articles within the application. We also send notifications whenever we find something interesting or amazing deals.

You can download our app is now available on Google Play from the link below (iOS coming soon):

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