One of the internet’s foundational laws just turned 25 years old, and it’s never been more controversial. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act protects websites and apps from liability for user-generated content, helping to create the internet of today. But problems with online harassment and other crimes — plus mistrust of big services that benefit from the law — have led to calls for change.

Congress has introduced several proposals to overhaul Section 230, most recently the SAFE TECH Act, a sweeping rollback of the law’s protections. These proposals would affect the entire internet, raising huge questions about the future of online communication. Yet public debate has focused on just a few companies: Facebook, Twitter, and Google, tagged collectively as “Big Tech.”

A virtual event about the real-world implications of 230 reform. (Register opening soon).

On March 1st at 2PM ET, ThinkAuthority will host a forum on the future of Section 230. One of the sponsors of the SAFE TECH Act, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), will discuss how she’s approaching tech regulation and her agenda for the next congressional term. Then, we’ll be moderating a panel with some of the voices that Section 230 debates often ignore — including nonprofit organizations and smaller online businesses. We’ll be announcing that slate of panelists in the days to come.

Like a lot of things in 2021, we’ll be holding this event remotely, meeting over video and taking live audience questions online. It’s free, and you can register online (Register opening soon). Hope to see you there.

Twenty-five years after it was signed into law, Section 230 is more endangered than ever. Republicans blame it for censorship, Democrats blame it for misinformation, and nearly everyone thinks it needs reform.

But if policymakers aren’t smart about structuring reform, there could be broad, unanticipated consequences for free expression and commerce.

Join ThinkAuthority senior reporter Adi Grush for an in-depth conversation about the real-world implications of 230 reform: what’s being considered, the universe of potential outcomes, and the ramifications for individuals and businesses. We'll kickoff the conversation with a keynote from U.S Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar on antitrust reform and her focus on strengthening protections against anticompetitive conduct and mergers.